Cache doest not work on all website on same server


Hi host 2 websites on the same server on nginx on the same conf file. (It’s an ecommerce platform)

Hi have the 2 domains corresponding active on cloudflare (.com and .fr), but one of the website cache doest not work.

But when i go to cloudflare backoffice, I saw that FR domain working

How Cloudflare can say that I save 26 Gb if cache is not HIT on FR domain ?
Is there a limit on free account ?



.fr isn’t a miss that isn’t going through CloudFlare. Note the lack of CloudFlare headers. It could be the www isn’t being proxies or that your local DNS resolution is incorrect. But there is no cache miss from Cloudflare because it isn’t going through Cloudflare in your test

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You are right, it was my local dns who was set to the server when developping website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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