Cache doesn't clear or behave as expected

I have an image stored on S3 and when I replace it the cache doesn’t refresh even if I add a query string with a random number.
The cache is set up to standard.
This link is working directly from the cloud front:

This one show the old image from cloud flare

Change the value for sivt property doesn’t work.
What should I do to make it work.

They look the same to me:

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I presume this is the image you’d expect

whereas this is what you get


While I can confirm that the plain URL itself has been in the cache for almost three days, it really seems as if your server still served that file to Cloudflare. Even when getting a cache miss, that image is still returned.

It most likely is Amazon’s own cache which still has the file cached in certain regions. Check out this screenshot and how the file size suggests London still gets the previous file

You probably best clear your Cloudflare and your Amazon cache.

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Thanks sandro,
I didn’t check Amazon regions.

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