Cache does not update

For almost a week, Cloudflare Cache hasn’t been working! My website doesn’t show updated pages and I’m losing traffic because of it.
I’ve already deleted Wordpress plugins, already deleted the cache several times, already paused using Cloudflare and nothing!
Can anyone help me?

That indicates an issue at the server. What’s the domain?

Oh…Ezoic. Best to check with them. Cloudflare’s cache header for the home page shows “DYNAMIC”, meaning it’s not a cache HIT. Ezoic header shows x-ezoic-cdn: Hit ds;mm;d15c02a744fc6bb6d5f487627939f936;2-284601-0;07868087-5550-4bc1-67e3-dd30e4990c6c

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Ah, OK. Thanks for te tip. :slight_smile:

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