Cache does not get purged

Unfortunately I can’t get this to work. The API call (purge by url / all files) returns success:true but the response from worker is still cached, after waiting several minutes. It is also still cached after including purge everything in a call. Does not seem like this API is related to workers cache at all.

So the main question of this thread is still open - how do we purge the cache on all data centers? And if the API is designed to work for this, why wouldn’t it? purge_everything:true should remove all cache as I understand it, but it does not in the case of worker cache.

Found another thread from 2018 that mentions cache purge not supported for domain, also stating that the API documentation for this could be improved (it has not).

Moved my workers to a production domain and cache purge using the API does indeed function as expected, for both purge by url and purge everything.