Cache decreases for unknown reason

My cache decreases significantly to almost zero. What could be possible causes ?

As per my memory, I added the last page rule for most urls (domain/*) to cache everything couple days before the sudden decrease. There are some exception rules for dynamic pages that are still either bypass or standard. I tested the rules with corresponding urls and they seems to work correctly.

Do you have any ideas ?


You are most likely sending headers which prevent Cloudflare from caching.

Here is my product page response header.

Here is home page’s.

I’m using cloudflare plugin for wordpress, currently disable W3TC.
What could be possible cause ? My domain is

Seems to be exactly that. Check the cache-control header your server is sending, it appears it sends values which tell Cloudflare not to cache.

What do you think is possible cause ?

Could be the cache-control header. Just check what caching related headers your server sends and adjust them. Also use the search as you will find more details here too.

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