Cache CSS and img on sub domain?


I would like to ask if the static content of my sub domain is cached by default, or if i should create a page rule to cache it.

For example lets say that my main domain is and i have a subdomain where in this server the file structure is like this, etc

Do these static files cached automatically, or i should create a page rule like* &* Cache Level = Cache Everything ?

If it’s proxied by Cloudflare (:orange: in DNS), then static files will cache, just as they do on the parent domain.

Thank you for your reply, however i don’t think that this is happening be default. I created page rules to cache the sub domains i mentioned in the beginning (* - Cache Level = Cache Everything) and the speed increased at least by 40-50%!

One of my sites is a WordPress multi-site using subdomains. Their images are cached with no special page rules.

If you post some actual URLs, we can check them for caching.


you can check this URL

It’s caching. First visit was a MISS before Cloudflare cached it at the local datacenter. Second time was a HIT.

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