Cache Control - unwanted 301 Redirect

I have had an issue where a page on a clients website was incorrectly redirected by a plugin on the site. The only way to see the correct page (if you have visited the incorrect page) is to clear your browsing history for the period in which you visited the page, 1hr, 24hrs.

Is there anything that can be done to force a browser to re-load a url/page? I have tried cache-control, adding php to the headers, but nothing works.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: This has been edited as the initial reply was incorrectly suggesting a fix that would not trigger, as the issue is at the browser cache level.

You can rewrite the URL back to the correct URL with a Transform Rule (URL Rewrite). This way when users for whom the redirect applies request the /incorrect-path/, the Transform Rule will rewrite it back to the correct one at the origin. (Which I assume no longer is mis-redirecting)

If incoming requests match...
URI Path equals /incorrect-path/

Path: Rewrite to: /correct-path/
Query: Preserve

Don’t forget to remove/disable this rule after the issue is over.

PS: this will only work adequately if the /incorrect-path/ refers to a non-existing path. Otherwise all requests made to it will also be re-written.

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