Cache-Control header set to private

I was playing a bit around with page rules and etc, and now Cloudflare is somehow setting private in the Cache-Control header instead of public, is there a way to change it back? (I’ve gone through the dashboard but I can’t find anything to change it.)

In the dashboard under Caching, the setting “browser cache expiration” controls what the browser receives for cache-control; if it’s set to “respect existing headers”, it’ll send the exact headers your server sent Cloudflare.

You should also make sure the zone’s global “cache level” is set to standard.

This might also be changed by page rules, so see if one is set up that changes the cache.

The browser cache expiration is set to “one month”, the cache level is set to “standard”, and I do have a page rule that matches ** set to cache everything, but the page rule hasn’t affected it before, and I just tested disabling it, and it didn’t change it back to public.

now its not saying public or private, and is instead just showing a max age, Cache-Control => max-age=2678400

I contacted cloudflare support and they said that cloudflare doesn’t add the header, but it doesn’t affect anything, and if I wanted to add it I’d need to add it at my origin or use a worker.

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