Cache control based on presence of HTML tag?


I have a certain page types that I want to cache (using CACHE RULES).

Instead of manually applying cache rules to each URL is it possible to add a piece of HTML to these page types and then apply cache rules based on the presence of this?

In cache rules i see “request headers” änd “cookie” but I’m unsure how to do it if its possible at all.



Almost all cache rules trigger based on request headers. The only exception I’m aware of is response code. Nothing based on the response body (HTML).

Which settings are you interested in changing based on HTML tags?

on there are category pages , their URLs don’t have any unique identifiers so I can’t simply cache based on those. So I was hoping I could add HTML snippet to category template and then cache if that’s present. Any ideas?

I could update my category URLs to include a suffix/prefix and cache based on that but I’d really rather not.