Cache clear again and again

I have a wordpress website
→ Varnish is not enable
→ Cache plugin is already disabled

Instead of all these I need to clear the cache from Cloudflare again and again to view the changes which I have made .
what could be the reason of that. please help me out with this.

Thank you in advance.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rules?

I don’t have any page rule

You do not have any Page Rules yet. Click ‘Create Page Rule’ above to get started.

Do you use official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin or any other for a cache?

Cloudflare caches the static files as default (CSS, JS, images …).

In case you made some changes, and have some Cache settings setup at Cloudflare dashboard, you would need to Purge the specific file, or Purge Everything.

  • keep in mind, you can still have the cached version at your Web browser cache

No I don’t use any cloudflare plugin in wordpress

What’s the URL of a page that’s not updating? And what is it you’re updating so we can check?

its not about the single page its about the whole website
cache needs to clear again and again.

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