Cache certain file only


Goal: cache only the mts files in random URIs similar to above

will the following rule cache mts and not m3u8:
(http.request.uri.path contains β€œ.m3u8”)
Cache status: Eligible for cache
Edge TTL: Override origin 2 hours
browser cache: >>> want to leave it as set in the global settings as there i can choose 2 minutes

or is there another way to cache certain file extension?

Do you want to cache the .m3u8 files or not?

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Goal is to cache mts files only in that link. when i open that url in my browser, in the β€œinspect” window i can see urls that ends with .mts and no m3u8 in it. so i thought i could use http.request.uri.path contains β€œ.m3u8” as the url doesnt contain mts !!! rather the mts gets generated later while in the browser still that url with m3u8

You mean the .m3u8 file will request an .mts file? If so, the second request would be cached if the rule says:

URI Path ends with ".mts"
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when i try to override origin the cf_cache_status changes from dynamic to bypass
i start getting 403
finally ns_binding_aborted

even if I try a rule with bypass, i get 403

This is unrelated to caching. I hope other members of this community can help you sort things out, as I have no idea what a NS binding is.

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