Cache bypass page rule still leads to cf-cache as DYNAMIC

For wp-admin, I have set the page rule to cache bypass.
But the headers still show cf-cache as DYNAMIC.
Same for the login URL.
Page rule


Is it normal?

Dynamic means not cached.

In general, DYNAMIC means Cloudflare isn’t caching it because it doesn’t have a file extension on the “automatically cache these” list and you haven’t explicitly told it to be cached through a “cache everything” rule

BYPASS means Cloudflare isn’t caching it because you somehow requested it not to be cached: a page rule, a cache-control header from the origin, or developer mode is on

Seems like both apply in your case so it would be fair to display either but maybe it prefers DYNAMIC.

Still, it’s not being cached, so seems like you have what you want.

If there are any image files inside that directory (files that are normally cached), you might see BYPASS instead of DYNAMIC for them

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