Cache block script

Good afternoon, I’m having a problem with the PopAds script, their troubleshooter tool is no longer identifying the script on my <head>, after much trying to find out that by setting developer mode on cloudflare their troubleshooter identifies the script on my site and like OK, but if I come back turn off developer mode the problem also back, does anyone have any suggestions?

Probably something cache related (thats the only thing the developer mode influences). You will need to find out what it exactly is, then you can exclude it from Cloudflare’s cache via a page rule. Though usually the cache shouldnt be an issue, but if there is some e.g. random value the script depends on the cache might be the issue.

You might also want to contact them and ask why they dont recognise your script any longer. That might give you a hint too.

thank you so much for your help I just found out that the problem was Auto Minify that was active on the Speed ​​tab

If it was Cloudflare’s minification you might still want to open a support ticket with Cloudflare as that might be an issue with the minification then. Unless, of course, the minification worked but the script didnt like the missing whitespaces, but that something to fix in the script then.

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