Cache Bandwidth only at 10%, How can I get 90%

So we have a wordpress website, set up by pro. Then all setup on CF.

Seems to be working well, but the cache bandwidth is quite low, so we have cache set to ALL.

Should the cache bandwidth not be much higher than 10%?

Can you help?

Cache hit ratio is improved by more traffic. Infrequently used files are evicted from the cache early. It also depends on what resources you’re serving. Some aren’t cacheable by Cloudflare’s default configuration.


Ok, interesting. We have a lot of content so the uncached could be from this. Would be good to have a stat that shows cache of landing page so you know landing page is delivered in best time.
Thanks for the reply

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Something may or may not be coming…

So, as I said (if you are on Pro or higher):

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Perfect timing!
Nice one

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