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Hi. I am new to cloudflare community and looking for experts to get reply for following queries:

1: On page rules, is this correct URL to cache everything including sub-domains:

2: Let’s suppose a user visits my website from Atlanta, US and all resources get cached to cloudflare for that region. Now, if another new user from same location visits my website after a week or a month, will he get already cached resources from cloudflare data center or cloudflare again request hosting end-server for data and then deliver it to that user?

It should be **

Possibly, but not necessarily. Particularly after a month there is a good chance Cloudflare has purged your files from the cache.

If you want a month you should also configure the following setting in your page rule


However even this wont guarantee that it will be a month.

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Hi. Thanks for quick reply.

As you stated: It should be **

As I understand, there is no need to add www or http or https at start of URL. Is it?

Precisely, that is what the first asterisk is for. Make sure not to enter a period between it and the domain name.

Got it. Lastly, if I configure “Edge Cache TTL: a month” then after a month, will cloudflare automatically request my website server for fresh resources and then cache them for another one month?

Again, you wont have a guarantee that will last a month (it is merely an indicator of the maximum time). But yes, after Cloudflare purged the file it wont find it in the cache any longer and hence re-request it.

Can I get this automatic resource fetching guarantee if I select minimum Edge cache TTL which is just 2 hours?

The guarantee was referring to the period it is cached, not the re-fetching. The latter always takes place.

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