Cache & Analytics appear to not be working on only ONE Of my sites

I’m pretty perplexed about this. I have multiple websites on a WordPress multisite and only ONE of them isn’t working with Cloudflare (it was working previously). I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting and it worked for a day before stopping again. All sites share the same theme and headers. I’ve already talked to Customer Service for my hosting provider and they can’t see anything that would be blocking it. I’ve compared DNS records with the other events to see if that was the culprit. Turned all the buttons on and off. I currently have it connected to a Pro account. Does anyone have any advice on what I may be missing?

No, but if you tell us the domain, we can take a look at.

The system isn’t letting me add links in my posts for some reason?

Fanxsaltlake .com

Thanks so much!

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