Cache already preloaded on all your datacenters

Good morning, I read in another post that you explain that caching is automatic. A visit is required for that person’s local datacenter to cache resources.

The next local visit will receive cached resources until the cache expires or is purged / discarded. Each datacenter is an independent cache.

Well now since our news site receives single visits to each page and therefore it is not very useful that the cache is then already loaded for the second visit I ask you: how it is possible to preload the cache so that it is already available for the first visit.

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Check the script in this post:

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Thanks for reply, in the same way i just use: Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools for preloading cache. But the problem is that works only for a single page. I need to preload the entire site cache (about over 30.000 pages)

You can try a Page Rule to Cache Everything for the home page, then add something like Flying Pages to preload the cache.

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Thanks for the answer at the moment I have already given the cache all a cloudflare instruction and in relation to flyng pages it could be a partial idea, as it would preload only the linked pages and not the whole site as I wish

That’s as good as it’s going to get. Cloudflare isn’t a Push CDN, and you’re asking for about six million cache loads (and that’s just for the HTML). Most of which will never be used.


yes you are right I was thinking about this, in our local server I do it daily. do you know any other CDN that offers this service on all endpoints?

Probably need to script this yourself and probably only need the top 10, 20 or 50 pages to cache as they’d all share common static assets which would be preloaded/warmed in cache. Though would be hard to do given CF has 200 datacenters now so you’d need at minimum 16-24 geographically disperse location servers to launch the preload/cache warming from.

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