Cache algorithm used for different geo/locations?

I tested my webpages from was Cache HIT at some Edge locations, in other locations, it was showing Cache MISS.

EXPECTED RESULT - If content is in Cache at “ANY” CF Edge location, it should give a Cache HIT to the end user (web browser) irrespective of the location.

As per my performance testing ( keycdn), for Singapore/India, it was a HIT but for “nearby” Tokyo/Sydney it was a MISS.

In such scenarios, how does CF work ? CF should internally fetch the content from other Edge locations rather than going back to Origin ?

Any ideas how CF works in such cases ?

Cloudflare is not a traditional CDN. It will pull content from your origin and cache at that moment at the specific colocation the request came from. Other colocations will cache the same asset once visitors request the item there.

Cloudflare only caches a resource within the Cloudflare data center that serves the request and doesn’t cache:


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