Cache a Worker's response in Cloudflare APO

Based on my understanding of this thread and this comment, when a request bypasses APO due to Cf-Apo-Via: origin,miss is it possible to fulfill the request from the Worker and “fill” the APO cache, so that future requests return Cf-Apo-Via: tcache without needing to hit the Worker again?

This is what I currently have setup:
Client ←→ APO ←→ Workers ←→ Origin

And I’ve been able to return a response from the Worker, but I’d like to be able to have this response cached by APO for future requests.

@yevgen any update on open sourcing APO?

I would defer to @wwoodhead who is the current engineering leader owning APO product.

Hi, I’m afraid this is not possible. APO relies on Cloudflare’s Cache layer. The way to think about this is:

Client ←→ APO ←→ Workers ←→ Cache ←→ Origin

There are currently no plans to open source APO.

Got it, this helps. Thank you