Cache 521 error or missing images

I have problems with cache. When is in development mode is ok, but when i enabled cache often give me 521 error, or did not load images in my site like this here for example- semrush show me same error 521 for images when are not loaded. Meyle 713 220 0005 - Водна помпа
i will leave in development mode so site can work correct
what i will need to provide to fix this issue
i have read this:
Troubleshooting Cloudflare 5XX errors · Cloudflare Support docs
and installed new SSL but still same issue

I’d assume you have more than one IP address configured (or an equivalent CNAME entry) and one of the server is not reachable.

Can you pause Cloudflare? Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

is paused now
in my dns i have only :

Nameservers are correct and you only have one address configured. What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Full (strict)
but even now when i paused i have 521 error
but browser cache was not clean

Then it should be some security setting on your server. Make sure none of the addresses from IP Ranges are blocked or rate limited. It doesn’t seem like a full block but I guess there might be something which rate limits them.

there was some help for ports that must be changed in hosting 423 or …
but even now when i paused i have [521] error
but browser cache was not clean

IP Ranges are not blocked

That’s a propagation issue, you can ignore that.

The issue is the 521 and that will be for what I just mentioned. Your server will rate the Cloudflare addresses.

When connecting via the proxies

HTTP/2 521
HTTP/2 200
HTTP/2 521
HTTP/2 200
HTTP/2 521
HTTP/2 200
HTTP/2 521
HTTP/2 200
HTTP/2 200
HTTP/2 521

Exactly half of the requests are blocked. That will be some security service on your server.

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ok i will check

can you run your test again from my hosting company told me that they are ready now

For now at least the requests went through.

how to run this test myself later
when more pages are cached

It’s not about caching, you had a server issue and that was seemingly fixed by your host.

this are now disabled

i was enable all of them, but when i purchase ssl certificate look like that my support is change them, but i am not 100%sure

It’s okay to enable both.

am i need last test for 521 issue after they are enabled, or those settings have nothing in common with this issue

These settings are unrelated.

But you can always run a check at

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