CAA propogation

How long does it typically take for a CAA record to be removed?

The default TTL is 300 seconds. The Cloudflare data is typically propagated to all their POPs in a few seconds.

If you add any CAA records yourself, and have Universal SSL enabled, then Cloudflare will automatically add the CAA records they will need to have certs issued for your domain. These records will not appear in the dashboard.

What are you trying to do, and what are you seeing?


i was asked by godaddy to remove a CAA record from domain which was done. the certificate would still not install as it saw a further 8 records.
i realise AMP real was causing this so have switched off
I have now reissued the cert so want to be sure ive done everything on my side.

Its a (UCC) SSL certificate that is active only on domain

any help would be appreciated.

The GoDaddy advise to remove all CAA records is terrible.

They should have asked you to add a CAA record with a tag to Only allow specific hostnames for the name @ and with a CA domain name of This would have allowed them to issue a cert, while still giving you the protection offered by CAA.

they initially asked me to remove a record which was on there which was ‘only allow wildcards’ , they were not aware of AMP real (to be fair to them). But, now i look at my control panel, the SSL has apparently been issued but I cant see a CAA record in my dashboard. Do i need to still add this?

Appreciate all your help.

the site is not loading from what i can see. are you able to confirm your side.

Actually looks like all is resolved now.

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