.ca TLD on Cloudflare?

I would like to move my .ca TLD to cloudflare, but the TLD list doesn’t show .ca yet.

I found some old threads asking about this from 2019 via Google search, but nothing current.

Has there been any progress in adding .ca domains to the domain registrar on Cloudflare?

None that Cloudflare is willing to share. Really, you’re not missing much. Certainly there must be some other good registrar out there who handles .ca domains, right?

I’m not trying to be snarky. I don’t have many domains registered here because there are a couple of other registrars I really like.


I would like to consolidate all my registrar services to one place if I can. Besides, Cloudflare’s prices can’t be bea.

canspace.ca offers them for ~USD 9, I doubt Cloudflare will be much lower :slight_smile:

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