CA SSL not getting picked up under PROXY

We just installed an Origin Signed SSL from DigiCert. To get this to work I had to turn PROXY OFF. When I clear cache and turn Proxy ON it only shows self signed certificate from Lets Encrypt that we had before.

Any help is appreciated.


It is likely showing a LetsEncrypt certificate generated by Cloudflare’s Universal SSL, not your previous Lets Encrypt certificate.

If using the proxy, the Cloudflare edge SSL certificate is shown to clients visiting your site. Your origin certificate will only be seen by Cloudflare’s servers connecting to your origin.


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Thanks sjr.

I now have it set up as Full using a self-signed cert which was Lets Encrypt.

Do I need to switch it to Full (Strict) ie Full (strict)
“Encrypts end-to-end, but requires a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server”

I want when the customer clicks on the Lock next to teh address bar it sees our New SSL CA signed cert from digicert


Always Full (Strict)!

Customers on the Business plan, and higher, are able to upload their own “Custom certificates” to be used with the Cloudflare Proxy.

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