CA certificates

Can you switch the existing CA edge certificates, to the Cloudflare edge CA certificates on the following domains please:

Edit: I’ve sent a request, but still waiting for this to be done!?

Ticket Number: 2272933 - Switch CA Edge Certificate

You’d have to open a ticket via email
support AT cloudflare DOT com

And then post the ticket number here so we can push it to Support.

Thanks, here it is….

2272933 - Switch CA Edge Certificate

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See also Expired LetsEncrypt Root Certificate . Changing CA via API key is possible:

curl -X PATCH "[zone_id]/ssl/universal/settings" \
      -H "X-Auth-Email: [email]" \
      -H "X-Auth-Key: Global API Key" \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      --data '{"certificate_authority":"digicert"}'

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Can anyone help me switch the CA Edge Certificate please?

I’ve raised a ticket with support (#2278564).

I need the LE Cert removed and replaced with the Cloudflare CA Cert.


Did the API call marked as the solution here not work?

No, can’t get it to work.

A bit more information would be useful. What happens when you try?

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I think it’s because my server doesn’t allow API Calls… I pointed 2 domains yesterday, from the same server, same registrar… one is using the LE edge certificate and the other is using the CF edge certificate!? How does it decide which to use?

API calls are outbound requests from your command line to Cloudflare’s API endpoint. ‘curl’ is a standard command on most systems.

It’s pretty random, and there’s no way to control that choice, other than through the API.

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