CA certificate problem

Hello there,

I am very new to coding and all things connected with websites. I recently done my own website and attempted to create SSL certificate. I managed to get a key and certificate - 2 out of 3 steps. The only step I couldn’t get is how to get CA certificate.

According to the instruction ( ) I need to follow steps:

  1. Click the SSL/TLS app.
  2. Click the Origin Server tab.
  3. Click Create Certificate to open the Origin Certificate Installation window.

But the problem is that in Origin Server tab I cannot see Origin Certificate Installation window.

What do I do next?

Would be grateful for any help


When you generate the certificate, a window pops open with both certificates that you need to copy and paste. It will not show you the key part again.

If you scroll down those Origin CA instructions, it has links to download the Root CA certificate as well.

Thank you, I think I managed. At least when I added SSL details to my provider, the message was that the certificate was successfully created.

Thanks again!


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