.ca and .plus questions

Two questions:

  1. Any ETA for .ca support?

  2. What is the cost for .plus? I have one, but DNS is not with Cloudflare at this time so I’m unable to see the pricing.


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Based on their API, it’s $20:


Awesome, thanks!

Any ETA Cloudflare?

I doubt they will provide us an ETA for .ca domains, however as far as I know, The CIRA, who manages the .ca domain, has an EPP-API available, so hopefully it’s easy to interface their systems with Cloudflare’s.

That being said given that there are also extra requirements for having a .ca domain, like that you need to be a Canadian Citizen. It’s not quite as easy as just connecting the two systems together.

As a Canadian with a handful of .ca domains, I also hope that they add .ca soon :slight_smile:

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They’re not posting ETAs for any TLDs, but ccTLDs are “on their way.” Though probably not all of them. It really depends on the registrar for that country code.