C Name Setup for Pro plan

is there a provision for one to request for this functionality
As i would love to maintain name servers with my authorative DNS provider.

can this be paid for as a standalone service without necessarily upgrading to Business Plan which is quite expensive

Hi @jbmulindwa,

Currently a CNAME setup is only available on the Business plan or above.

oh great, that’s pretty tough. Is there any chance Enterprise could be cheaper as compared to Business Plan. Or can one request a demo. ( Business)

i really want the service and issue here is it would be great if i paid after trying some sincerely. If that’s not possible, there’s got to be a refund policy

Very unlikely that you would get Enterprise cheaper than Business, it’s normally significantly more.

There is not a refund policy and generally plan payments aren’t refundable. You can certainly ask about a CNAME setup demo but I am not sure.

Alright that i’ll try and request. i highly doubt though they will consider me

If only i could find someone with a business plan so they can add a site for me at atleast 100 usd that would be awesome


thanks for the help

are you also part of the support team

Even if you found someone with a Busoness plan, it’s per domain not per account so you can’t add another site on the Business plan without paying.

No problem, no I don’t work for (or get paid by) Cloudflare but I am an MVP.

oh but hold on

what you’re saying :confused: cloudflare will deduct 200 usd for each domain

i tought if i upgraded to a business plan that would mean the whole account has been upgraded and i can add as many sites as i want

No, I’m afraid not. If you are on Enterprise you can negotiate a contract at the start including the possibility of multiple domains.

With the self-serve plans (anything other than Enterprise), all plans are per zone, i.e. you would need a Business plan for each domain you want the CNAME setup on.

Is there a particular reason why you can’t/don’t want to change the nameservers and use Cloudflare for DNS?

oh then i get it. thanks much for the detail

Yeah there’s a particular reason as to why i don’t want to use Cloudflare for DNS.
However i don’t know if what i want to avoid would work that’s why i didn’t want to commit to the payment.

Actually i believe since there’s support for websockets it’s possible attackers are able to disguise traffic if they also used cloudflare dns + cdn

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