Bypassing subdomain on Cloudflare

Hello, I have a domain on Cloudflare. I also own a subdomain, but I don’t want it to go through Cloudflare? Is it possible to somehow bypass Cloudflare for that domain?

That subdomain is used only for mails and support and I want it to be totally separated from my domain. Thank you very much. Hopefully, all is clear, if it isn’t I’ll be glad to

Assuming you are talking about a regular hostname, you’d simply turn off proxying and switch it to :grey:. At that point it will resolve straight to your host.

If it is an actual sub-domain it won’t be on Cloudflare anyhow, so you should be good too.

Hey, tnx a lot. Got it.

What do you think by actual sub-domain?

An actual sub-domain would be something where you have NS records which point to another nameserver.

Can this be done in Cpanel or?


So, If I have a subdomain, can I somehow change their nameservers? On the same way I changed for my main domain?

If you have a proper sub-domain you won’t change nameservers, you will already have NS records in place, pointing to the authoritative nameservers.

What are the URLs we are talking about?

It’s That’s the subdomain name.

That record does not seem to exist at all. You first need to configure it according to the instructions you got.

Hmm ok. Tnx a lot.
Is it possible to have different nameservers on a subdomain than on a domain?

My whole idea is to have a support site as well as support emails on a subdomain, but I don’t want them to be routed through Cloudflare.

From your description it really does not seem as if you are talking about a proper sub-domain but rather about a regular hostname.

If that’s is the case simply set up an A record and an MX record, make sure everything is :grey:, and you should be good to go.

Thank you for your help and patience hehe. :slight_smile:
Ok, understood, And how should I create a “proper sub-domain”?

By creating a domain delegation and adding an NS record to your domain and pointing it to authoritative nameservers.

Is there any link or tutorial on how to do it?

#tutorials has all the details on adding DNS records.

But I doubt that’s what you want.

Ok, and besides this… The main reason why I want to do this is that Here and there I get emails from people who didn’t receive my email. I use Gsuite as an email service.

Is this done right?

Done right for what?

That’s an A record pointing to that address and you can resolve that. That’s not email related. If you want to receive emails you need an MX record and point that to the right server and your domain appears to be configured in such a way already.

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