Bypassing strict nat type doesn't work anymore

I used to be able to bypass strict nat type in games which i can no longer do.When this used to work my location would be set somewhere in northern parts of Europe.These days when i connect to WARP only my ip changes buy my location stays the same.I’m guessing that WARP is connecting to a server somewhere closer to me so that could be a problem.Privacy wise,it’s all still ok.

I can bypass strict nat type with regular vpns but they arent good enough since their connection drops sometimes and they slow down my internet too much,so WARP was perfect while it worked.

I understand that port forwarding would solve my issue of strict nat type,but for whatever reason it doesn’t work for me even if i follow insturctions of my specific router.

Same here. Now I can’t remote desktop (I use parsec) to any computer. My region is SCL.

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