Bypassing File Upload Limitations

I am currently building a website on Azure and using Cloudflare for the DNS and free SSL. I am having problems when a user tries to upload a file > 100mb. I can see that Cloudflare has a limit on file uploads. I have tried creating a firewall rule which lets it past but I still get blocked just passed 100mb. I have also tried disabling the proxy (orange cloud in the dns list) but this gives me a security warning on chrome and doesn’t let me access the website.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Many thanks for your responses.

First of all, a firewall rule cant be used for that. Secondly, even if, why would you think Cloudflare imposes a limit, only to allow for it to be circumvented?

That is actually the proper way to do it and the security warning you got is most likely way more concerning that any upload, as that would suggest you dont have a proper certificate on your server which makes your whole site insecure.

You should fix the certificate issue first.

As for the upload, there is not much you can do, except for unproxying.

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Thanks for the reply Sandro. I am using the Origin SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare on my Azure setup. So I am still returning receiving the SSL from the server. It’s just chrome is giving me an error:


Am I using the certificate in the wrong way?

Alright, fair enough. In that way it actually is secure, however origin certificates are supposed to be used only in a proxied context. So you either unproxy and configure a Lets Encrypt certificate, for example, which will be accepted by browsers or you keep it proxied but then the 100 MB limit still applies.

The only other potential alternative would be to use one of those JavaScript libraries, which turn the upload into a custom workflow and allow you to split files into, for example, 100 MB chunks. That way you could upload more than a hundred megabytes, however it would be several different chunked uploads.
Something of the sort of might do the trick.

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Hey Sandro!

Thanks very much, that’s exactly what I’m looking at right now. Hopefully, I can set up Let’s Encrypt and then I’ll add resumable as it’s a good tech for my situation.

Thanks again for the guidance.