Bypassing caching

I have discovered that CF screws up my webp image replacement as it just serves up the last cached images to everyone.

So I want to try disabling the caching and just use the proxy/DDOS protection service.

I tried to do some performance tests on GTMETRIX with development mode enabled, so see what the difference would be, but there is literally no noticeable difference.
So I am not sure if CF is still caching or not or if the development mode has not kicked in right away.

How can I tell if the result are being cached by CF or not?

And how can a permanently turn off page caching? Cannot seem to find any way to do this.

You can do it as you would normally on your origin with the Cache-Control header, i.e instructing private, no-store, no-cache or max-age=0.

You can also use Page Rules if you wanted.

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