Bypassing cache using cache-control not working

I have this code in my worker

addEventListener('fetch', event => {
  let request = event.request
  const cookieString = request.headers.get("Cookie")
  console.log('cookieString', cookieString) // checks if cookies is present
  if (cookieString && cookieString.includes('CognitoIdentityServiceProvider')) {
    // Cookie present. Add Cache-Control: no-cache.
    let newHeaders = new Headers(request.headers)
    newHeaders.set('Cache-Control', 'no-cache')
    console.log('newHeaders', newHeaders.get('Cache-Control')) // checks if header is set
    event.respondWith(fetch(request, {headers: newHeaders}))
  // Use default behavior.

As you can see here, Im logging the cookies and update headers to check if the cache-control is being set properly but still we are still cf-cache-status of HIT (meaning) its still cached even though the cache-control no-cache is set.

See the image below.