Bypass WARP completely

I’ve configured WARP/ Zero Trust for Teams so my users can access desktops and network shares from offsite (a story in itself) but I’d like to have their personal internet browsing etc completely bypass Cloudflare infrastructure. My concern is if they are doing anything inappropriate that it will harm our “relationship” with Cloudflare.

In other words, only work related traffic should go to our network and everything should bypass Cloudflare completely.

Anybody know if this is possible?

You can configure Cloudflare Zero Trust to only route specific networks. through WARP by changing the following setting:

  1. Go to Zero Trust Dashboard->Settings->Network->Split Tunnels
  2. Select Include
  3. Press [Manage] and add the specific networks you want your users to access through WARP.

Whatever isn’t on that list will be routed through the computer default gateway, as if WARP was off.

Thank you.

I thought this would be the solution but wanted a confirmation that I was on the right track…

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