Bypass WAF for the specific sub-domain

I have enabled WAF for the main website (
But we have some problems in one of the sub-domains ( Some of the requests are blocked and there is no log in the firewall events.
When the WAF is disabled every thing works fine.

Is there any work around to bypass WAF for one of the sub-domains?
I’ve defined a firewall rule to bypass all the features when (Hostname equals
But it does not work correctly. Still some of the requests are blocked by Cloudflare.

Do you see anything in the Firewall Events? It could be blocked by Bot Fight Mode, Browser Integrity Check etc. instead of WAF.

Thanks for reply,

No, nothing is logged in Firewall Events.

Is there any way to exclude them for this sub domain?

For Bot Fight Mode, no

For Browser Integrity Check, you just need to add it to the Bypass option in the existing firewall rule.

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