Bypass the caching of

I’m using Wp-Rocket to optimize my website with APO option, so when someone visits the page for the first time from a social media platform, Cloudflare caches the page’s link with slight modifications, such as adding ‘?nocache’ and other tags. Consequently, Cloudflare caches these pages without any optimization and serves them for all future requests ().

I attempted to address this by implementing the following rule:*?* with Cache Level set to ‘Bypass.’ However, it seems that this rule is not effectively preventing the caching of

To reproduce this issue, follow these steps:

  1. First, clear the cache of the tested link for exemple: كيفية إصلاح رمز الخطأ 0x8007007E على Windows | Dz Techs.
  2. Before visiting the link, simply add some tags to it, such as ‘?nocache’ or just ‘?123’."

This page will cache without any Wp-Rocket optimization in Cloudflare.

Could you please provide guidance on how to bypass the caching of pages with ?tags in the link. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Issue Resolved