Bypass Super Bot Fight mode

Can I set my own bot to bypass Cloudflare’s super bot fight mod? My own bot has a custom user agent that will be marked as automatic traffic.

I have Pro plan*


Thank you for asking.

May I ask what is your issue?
You got blocked and your bot appears in the Firewall Events, or something else? :thinking:

If so, kindly feel free to submit the form at the link from below:

Cite from:

I run a good bot and want for it to be added to the allowlist (cf.bot_management.verified_bot). What should I do?

To be added to the Cloudflare allowlist, please submit this online application.

Source link:

I am afraid it is not possible as far as Bot Management for Enterprise is available on Enterprise plan.

Source article:

Otherwise, try to disable it if it causing some issue?:

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