Bypass rules behaviour

We had some customers being blocked by Cloudflare security rules so we added a bunch of bypasses for them.
The bypasses are not IP specific.

Now, when viewing the IPs that are using these bypasses we spotted that while the blocked customers are all in there, there are a few additional IPs that previously were not blocked by Cloudflare.

Why are these additional IPs using the bypasses as well?

i.e. a customer was not blocked, created a bypass for other customers - now that customer is using this bypass although they do not need to.
This is happening to only a small percentage of our customers (I would have understood it if suddenly everyone was using the bypass, but that’s not the case).

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you using IP Access Rules or Firewall Rules? If using Firewall Rules, could you please share the rule expression (redact any IP addresses)?

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