Bypass page rules only working with Ctrl-F5?

We have a few sub system (foder) besides our website (PHP and WP combo site), where we need have a bypass rule for. However, the bypass rules only seem to work when pressing Ctrl-F5, gives you a Dynamic page. A normal F5 consistently give us HIT. What gives?

The order of the page rules matter. Make sure the page rule with the bypass comes before (above) the one with “cache everything”.

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F5 is a regular reload, and may load from cache. Ctrl-F5 is a Force Reload, which is a no-cache request.

As @floripare stated, page rule order matters. If you need assistance debugging your page rules, please post a screenshot of all of them.

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Right, but if do a Ctrl-F5 I get the origin page and right afterwards do a F5, I get the CF cached page. The subsequent browser loads should use the content loaded from Ctrl-F5, right?

When I put the site developer mode, Ctrl-F5 and F5 load the same origin page. And as soon as it’s turned off, F5 is back to loading the CF cached page, and Ctrl-F5 the origin. Very strange.

Ctrl-F5 from a visitor does not purge the Cloudflare cache. It just bypasses it.

Yes, correct. I’m not trying to purge the page in CF. A Ctrl-F5 and subsequent F5 should produce the same page, and it doesn’t…

Ok, scratch most of that. I can’t get my browser to bypass Cloudflare cache by sending a no-cache header.

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