Bypass Next Firewall Rules

Hello, one thing I noticed recently in the firewall rules, if there are 2 or more rules and in the 1st rule some access is bypassed but in the 2nd rule there is another type of blocking that also blocks the 1st rule, the bypassed accesses are also blocked, something like this:

The rule with priority 1 will work but will move to the next rule and then block in it the same way.
What I suggest is: An option to bypass the next firewall rules. So if the first rule combines with the request, it will bypass all the next pending firewall rules in order, something like this:

So this will skip the 2nd and 3rd rules and will continue the request.
That’s a useful thing and would help me a lot, thanks!

Requests that triggered the Bypass rule will still subject to further evaluation. What you can do is, create an Allow rule after the Bypass rule, so that it won’t trigger the rest of the firewall rules.

Refer to this documentation: