Bypass new rate limit rules

We need to exclude a certain IP address from a rate limit rule we have.
We could do it in the previous version of the rate limit rules, but it seems that this is not possible for the new version.

Are there other options to allow an IP address to be excluded?


Link to docs and images of the limitation:

You just add a new criteria in the new rate limiting rule to see if the source IP address does not equal to which IP.

Thanks for answering.
It seems I don’t have such options…

Is this an enterprise feature?

I don’t have an answer at the moment, but I have a few observations:

  1. The OP screenshot shows a firewall rule with an option to bypass Rate Limiting (previous version). And the problem is that it doesn’t have an option to bypass the new version.
  2. The underlined Note about New Cloudflare WAF – that’s separate from the new Rate Limiting. Not the same thing, but maybe related.
  3. Match for Source IP does look like it’s limited to Biz/Ent.

While I don’t have a solid answer, it’s possible that adding that IP address to IP Access Rules will bypass rate limiting.

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