Bypass first images on native lazy load images via worker

I’m using a cloudflare worker to add functionality of native lazy load to my site. The code itself is working but i wonder if there is an option to design it in a way it will bypass the two first request of img (Or make them “eager”).
the code brought from How to Lazy Load Images with an Edge Worker – Kennedy Rose
and it goes like this. Thanks in advance.

// Image rewriter that adds loading=“lazy” to tags that don’t already have it
class ImageRewriter {
element(element) {
const attribute = element.getAttribute(loading)
if (!attribute) {
element.setAttribute(loading, lazy)

// Listens for incoming page requests
addEventListener(fetch, (event) => {

// An HTML rewriter that intercepts and rewrites tags
const rewriter = new HTMLRewriter().on(img, new ImageRewriter())

// Fetches content from origin and pass through transformer
async function handleRequest(req) {
const res = await fetch(req)
return rewriter.transform(res)