Bypass & Filter issue

I currently have 2 rules setup on my application.
One is a rule that only allows logins with my domain mail adress
and I have a second rules that has 4ish ip’s on BYPASS with INCLUDE
Now for some reason for me the rule works but for others they don’t get “bypassed”

my goal:
Allow my workers to access the application on their home network and otherwise login using their work email.

This is how I have that set up:

In that order. When Editing :wrench:, I put them in that order.

For me this works perfect but for the others it doesn’t seem to work! Can you show me the access group configuration!

This is my configuration

And these are my groups

Yours sure looks like mine. If I were to guess, their IP addresses aren’t properly included in IP Ranges. So with that in mind, doesn’t it then kick them down to asking for their work email address?

Yes it does kick them down, their ip is copy pasted would it maybe have to do with an IPV4/6 issue?
For another friend of mine it worked so we have 2 working and 4 not working ones at the moment

I have found the problem! It’s an IPV6/4 issue after adding their IPV6 it seemed to work!

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