Bypass Fileupload limit

Hi, I have videosharing website like youtube. I am using Cloudflare but file is restricted to 100MB file size however in my website maximum upload size a user required is 2GB how can i bypass this limit even enterprise plan has 500MB limit only. I can also see that many videosharing website are using Cloudflare and have even 5GB upload limits. How to bypass this limit kindly suggest me thanks

Well I would contact them at to see what you can do, on Enterprise plans they can do many different things based on the customer, but that would be expensive.

Otherwise you need to have a non-proxied endpoint to post to or you need to split the files up (not even sure is doable).

In addition to the potential for a larger upload size on the ENT plan, most of my customers who provide large file uploads use software which supports chunking / session resumption. If the individual chunks are under 100 MB the total amount uploaded isn’t impacted.

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