Bypass Cookie Cache


We’re currently on a Pro Plan and we’re trying to use Page Rule to bypass these cookies shown below:


We’ve set it up to Cookie → Contains —> woocommerce…etc. on the page rule to Bypass Cache.
However, the problem still persists. We need help on how to fix this problem.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Page Rules with Bypass Cache on Cookie is a Business and Enterprise feature. Please see: Understanding and configuring Cloudflare Page Rules (Page Rules Tutorial) · Cloudflare Support docs

However, a similar feature is available in Cache Rules (beta) regardless of plan level. What you need to do is replace your Cache Everything Page Rule with a Cache Rule that only matches requests without the relevant cookies, then set it to “Eligible for cache”.

When incoming requests match...
Hostname equals "" << your WordPress hostname AND
Cookie does not contain "my cookie prefix" AND
Cookie does not contain "another cookie prefix" AND
URI Path does not start with "/wp-" (let default cache apply to `/wp-admin`, `/wp-content`, etc.)

and other conditions as your installation may require.

Eligible for cache