Bypass Cloudflare Warp for specific domains that use geolocation

Whenever I connect to Cloudflare Warp, it creates an IPv6 address for me, which my ISP does not provide. I end up with two IP addresses: IPv4 that geolocates to Canada, and IPv6 that geolocates to the United States.

I live in Canada, and certain websites I access require that I be in Canada and block my access if they think I am not. Because my IPv6 address is geolocated to the US, I end up having to disconnect and reconnect Cloudflare Warp in order to access this website.

I have tried adding a domain exception to both “Split Tunnel” and “Local Domain Fallback”, but neither of those has worked. Anyone know how I can set up Cloudflare Warp so I don’t have to disconnect it all the time?

Unfortunately there might not be a whole lot that you can do. Quite often the geolocation is done using different hostnames or IPs vs the main service or using other techniques that are a hassle to track down, and intentionally are a moving target to make it harder to intentionally impersonate a different location.

Also some services will put known-VPN-exits into their list as a “country” (Cloudflare itself does this in a way, you can whitelist or block tor exits).

In theory you can do it with split tunneling, but there will be some companies that can only be “fooled” by professional services designed to do such, and unfortunately Warp falls into the middle ground that isn’t trying to fool anyone, but also does shift people into a different region.

Even though Cloudflare Warp isn’t trying to fool anyone, it sometimes does so accidentally too! Most users in Calgary, for example, will get routed through Seattle even though Cloudflare has a presence in Calgary, so you’ll end up getting US Netflix without even trying.

That’s too bad. Thanks for the reply.

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