Bypass CloudFlare for the specific subdomain

I have enabled Cloudflare for the main website (example. com)
But I have some problems in one of the subdomains (api.example. com). Some of the requests are blocked. It happens, despite I turned-off proxy for (api.example. com) in DNS settings.

How I can fully bypass subdomain at all Cloudflare steps, include WAF?

If the proxy is turned off for the subdomain, then no Cloudflare features will, or can, be applied to the subdomain.

If the problem persists when the proxy is disabled, you need to check your origin server.

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It’s strange, because I see block events in WAF section.

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When you are ok with it you can give us your Domain Name. Then we could check ourselfes if we see anything strange that could be a Cloudflare Problem.

Sorry, but I don’t want to share my domain to public. Could you help me to understand: is the WAF affect to whole domain, including unproxied subdomains, or if I have unproxied subdomain, Cloudflare will not affect to it anywhere, including WAF. Thanks!

And the WAF will not be aplied to turned off proxy subdomain, yes?

When the Subdomain is unproxied Cloudflare can not apply any Restrictions to it because it doesnt pass through Cloudflares Network. So the WAF and any other Security Options can not be active for that Subdomain. You could check if the Subdomain Still resolves to a Cloudflare IP-Adress or can look in your Browser Dev-Tools if you still find Cloudflare Headers in the Answer of the Webserver. Then it would still be proxied by Cloudflare


If is a CNAME record, you should also check whether it points to a proxied record, because then the CNAME would be proxied as well, no matter your proxy settings for the api hostname.


Thanks for advice! I checked headers for unproxied subdomain and there was no Cloudflare headers. I think it may be glitch CF or something.

Thanks for that idea, but in my DNS records points to IP address, not CNAME.

I checked WAF events one more time and it still have requests.
There is my settings

At a guess, if you have recently unproxied the subdomain and the TTL was set long, or is being ignored/overwritten by another resolver or long cached by a bot, then maybe they are still connecting to the Cloudflare IP despite your change. I guess it should fade out soon if that is the case.

Are these hits from real users or just scans?


It may be a reason. I added website to Cloudflare today. These hits from real users, from their websites.

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