Bypass cloudflare for certain AS/networks

probably an obvious think but …
I would like to bypass Cloudflare (CDN and other security mechanisms) from certain networks or AS, or the other way around, only enable for “some” networks/AS.
I believe that the WAF features would do it but I am looking for a more using the action “bypass”.
This being said I am having doubts and I cant get a clear view on the difference betwen “bypass” and “allow”.

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If you want to keep the logic solely on the client address you can only whitelist addresses and ASNs under IP access rules → Requests will still go through Cloudflare but they shouldn’t be checked by the security layer any more. Caching will still apply though.

Alternatively, you could also create additional unproxied DNS records which you do not proxy and use them in the context of those networks. In that case they will resolve directly to your server and requests will never go through Cloudflare. But this will really require dedicated DNS records.

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