Bypass Cache Page Rule Not Firing

Endpoint is here:

I continue to see the cf-cache-status header as “HIT”

Yet the following page rule is active:*
Cache Level: Bypass

What am I missing here?

Post a screenshot of your page rules.


And I presume there is a subsequent “cache everything” rule, right?

And these rules are all active? You only posted a partial screenshot.

Yes, there’s a subsequent cache everything rule. And yes, all rules are active.

Shouldn’t it be hitting rule #6 and then stopping?

It should.

Have you tried purging your cache?

Yes. Still seeing cf-cache-status: HIT.

Overall, I feel pretty comfortable with Cloudflare’s page rules, so I’m a little stumped by how this one isn’t firing properly.

I’d try it with trial and error at this point. Try disabling the other rules, also the cache everything rule and try to narrow it down where it caches.

If nothing works -> support ticket

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