Bypass Cache on Cookie should really be an addon

Just set up my first site on Cloudflares pro plan and everything was pretty good until I noticed the WordPress admin was getting cached when clients were updating the site.

I then read about the Bypass Cache on Cookie setting which is unfortunately held to ransom behind a massive price increase.

I can add more rules for a fee, so why not allow us to add some settings for a fee as well?

In this case since I’ve started with Cloudflare I’ve had to remove the WordPress toolbar and any admin/editor features from the frontend which is not ideal. Admin area is fine as an additional rule can bypass that.

A decent experience with Cloudflare but not something I see myself using again for the medium sites with frontend administration/editor features due to Bypass Cache on Cookie cost increase.

I read similar posts on the subject and just though I would throw in my two cents.

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