Bypass cache on cookie for WordPress free plan

I was recently configuring Cloudflare for SaaS for WordPress website, and was seeing a way to cache it on edge origin using workers on fall back origin. I found it wasn’t caching the WordPress website even with page rule because it doesn’t had cache control headers. I can certainly use edge cache TTL but cache control has more control.

So i am still unclear if someone could help me which cache control headers to use for WordPress, majorly for different url paths like wp-admin and i have workers code that bypass cache on cookie but but i found new way to do it not sure if it would work.

Enter transform URL - response headers

If certain cookies/url path is present we can set cache control headers to no-store that would certainly bypass cache on cookie right :no_mouth:

Transform URL works with Cloudflare for saas

Why isn’t it working

Requires business plan or higher sorry to say for custom cookie bypass.

I think this should be in for pro users, like 1 rule then scale up as you upgrade plans, i needed something like this before but did not want to upgrade to business.

Given you use the free service its what they allow you get as with anything thats free.

Transform response headers should work right?

Sadly, you need to bypass the cache. If you want to use a custom cookie to bypass a cache, need business or higher.

Transform, I tried this for a custom cookie on pro plan, did not work.

Maybe I am wrong, but I am pretty sure it will not work what you are trying to do, and given that pro users cannot do it, free plans just forget about it…

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Let’s for a moment forget about the cookie part. I tried setting using the page path in transform URL and still the Cloudflare ignore the cache control and cdn cache control :no_mouth::neutral_face:

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